Scribbled Ink seeks to ignite and sustain interest in creative writing through interesting and fun creative activities. in addition to teaching how to write creatively, our sessions aid personal development - enhancing confidence, leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills.

We work with...

We work with people regardless of their age or ability. We always respond to the needs of the group, delivering bespoke activities, coordinated by creative individuals with varied creative talents e.g. creative writers, teachers, story tellers, drama practitioners, song writers and visual artists.

Our sessions are interactive and fun.

We view creative writing as a shared process, encouraging people to work together in small groups to explore different genres and styles rather than focusing on writing as a solitary endeavour. In doing so we help to encourage a versatile and imaginative attitude towards the creative process.


Costs are flexible and vary depending on many factors, most notably the size and needs of the group and the number of creative practitioners coordinating the sessions. For further information please email us via our Contact Page.